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American history Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

American history - Research Paper Example s abrogated more than one hundred and fifty years back, the heritage of servitude keeps on having significant repercussions on the lives of African-Americans today. As needs be, African-Americans have lower-futures than their white partners and the tricky heritage of subjugation has numerous repercussions. Looking to comprehend the Catch 22 of American freedom and a dishonorable heritage of servitude, Edmund S. Morgan works admirably featuring an oft-overlooked part of American history with repercussions on the lives of Americans today (see Williams and Tucker 2000; Morgan 3-13 ). Looking to feature the American history of subjection, Edmund S. Morgan shows that while the United States advanced during the idea of opportunity and freedom from pioneer Britain, to a huge degree â€Å"Americans purchased their autonomy with slave labor† (3). Huge numbers of the originators †in a fatherly way alluded to as the Fathers of Independence †were slaveholders themselves and their idea of opportunity related uniquely to a specific class of individuals. Frequently, their thoughts of opportunity were restricted and prohibited non-whites, ladies and those without property. Therefore, this idea of opportunity, so engrained in the American mind thus much a piece of the American recorded account, was a restricted kind of opportunity which was inalienably exclusionary and unquestionably not widespread. Besides, when Thomas Jefferson, the widely acclaimed representative for American opportunity and freedom, examined the abrogation of servitude, â€Å"he thought t hat it was incomprehensible that the liberated slaves ought to be permitted to stay in the country..† (8). Investigating racial segregation in both England and the American states during the late time of British guideline in the Americas, Morgan contends that the double and polarizing ideas of subjugation and opportunity were both â€Å"intertwined and associated, the privileges of Englishmen bolstered on the wrongs of Africans...The American Revolution just made the logical inconsistencies more

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Martin Luther King Jr Rhetorical Summary free essay sample

â€Å"I Have A Dream† On August 28th of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. We will compose a custom exposition test on Martin Luther King Jr Rhetorical Summary or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page gave one of the most popular discourses ever. â€Å"I Have a Dream†. The discourse was heard by tons of individuals before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. C. This discourse tended to numerous things, one of which was the extreme racial treacheries against African American residents at the pinnacle of the Civil Rights Movement in the U. S. Lord passed on his message of social equity and correspondence with a substance of balance and articulate detail. Ruler was truly adept at associating with the American individuals and persuading them to join the battle against the racial imbalance and separation. This discourse was so influential in light of the fact that King adequately utilized logical techniques all through his discourse. From what I took from this discourse, King had the option to use each logical technique including sentiment, logos, and ethos. Martin Luther King Jr. ’s discourse, â€Å"I Have a Dream†, utilizes the accentuation of emotion all through the span of his discourse. For instance, he states genuine emotions that numerous individuals in our country were feeling around then, which drew out a solid feeling of realness to his discourse. The feeling that was communicated all through was a key factor in the achievement and effect of Dr. King’s address to the country. One of his numerous incredible statements that I discovered significant is follows: â€Å"I have a fantasy that one day this country will ascend and experience the genuine importance of its doctrine: We hold these certainties to act naturally apparent: that all men are made equivalent. (Lord 2) The way that he utilizes the spirit of the group to accentuate his convictions, was an ideal method to express what is on his mind. Ruler utilized numerous explanatory techniques in his â€Å"I Have a Dream† discourse to express his perspectives and advance balance in the United States. Numerous shameful acts towards blacks were occurring all around the nation. Taxpayer supported orga nizations, for example, schools were isolated into discrete highly contrasting authorized schools that were a long way from equivalent. Logos, one of the three key expository components in this discourse was utilized statement well all through. King’s thoughts and convictions had its effect and claim the populace. The thoughts of King’s racial correspondence and equivalent open door drew out an intelligent intrigue of logos into Martin Luther King’s discourse. The third and last logical technique utilized in his discourse was ethos, or the moral intrigue and validity to the current circumstance. Lord indicated that Black, White, Asian, or some other race ought to be viewed as rise to and have equivalent chance to succeed and carry on with a prosperous life. Martin Luther King Jr. id what he tried to do, that was to convince and show individuals that any race, sex, or nationality ought to be rise to and have equivalent rights. Martin Luther King utilized the intrigue to poignancy to give his discourse so persuading. He focused on each resident of the United States, since it would take each American resident and their participation to carry correspondence to every person. †Now is an ideal opportunit y to ascend from the dim and barren valley of isolation to the sunlit way or racial equity. Right now is an ideal opportunity to open the entryways of chance to all of God’s children† (King 1). Lords way to deal with speaking to the estimations of the American individuals he referenced God, since religions effect on most Americans regardless of their race or sexual orientation. Lord discussing God, talked on their and violated their feelings. Discussing family, King additionally had an effect on pretty much every American. â€Å"I have a fantasy that my four little kids will one day live in a country where they won't be decided by the shade of their skin however by the substance of their character† (King 2). By referencing things about God and family, lord has leveled himself with the American populace and they can identify with what he is discussing. By doing this, it was the most ideal approach to get individuals to hear him out and get him. By indicating that Blacks, Whites, and Asians all offer significant likenesses that they can use to unite themselves as opposed to concentrating on contrasts that would divide them. Martin Luther King Jr. ’s request to logos originates from the essential principals America was established on. I have a fantasy that one day this country will ascend and experience the genuine significance of its ideology. We hold these facts to act naturally apparent, that all men are made equal† (King 2) His contention is sensible completely consistent with be one of the establishing standards of the nation, which was that all individuals are made equivalent and given equivalent chance. Right now the administration wasn’t holding itself consistent with that norm. The case in the â€Å"I have a Dream† discourse was that all men were made equivalent and the help to this case was simply the explanation that introduced in the Declaration of Independence. This will be the day when all God’s kids will have the option to sing with another significance. My nation tis of thee, sweet place that is known for freedom, of thee I sing. Land where my father’s kicked the bucket, place that is known for the pilgrims’ pride, from each mountainside, let opportunity ring. † (King 3) Martin Luther King Jr. utilized logical interests of validity, ethos, to give his discourse effective. By causing the crowd to tune in, he needed to have a type of encounters and validity to have the option to discuss racial imbalance. Expressing the undeniable reality that King was a Black American during one of the nation’s most difficult occasions of racial imbalance and abuse, bids to individuals since he encountered firsthand what has been going on. A dark man discussing racial segregation is more persuading and authentic than a white individual discussing it. King’s capability to talk about social shameful acts against minorities in view of his experience and training in profound quality and religion. Individuals were likewise attracted to King’s solid livelihood for quiet fights. One of the significant reasons why lord was likely tune in to more was a result of his standard of not utilizing fierce methods for dissent to depict his perspectives on imbalance and opportunity. The numerous expository strategies in Martin Luther King Jr. ’s renowned â€Å"I Have a Dream† discourse are immeasurably significant therefore. Without the strategies utilized all through his discourse, he wouldn’t have gotten the public’s consideration and convinced them with the utilization of logos, tenderness, and ethos, the way that he could have. Without the utilization of the expository strategies utilized all through this discourse, King wouldn’t have the reaction or the achievement of his discourse. These strategies had a solid effect which gave this discourse power, to shape the crowd. This very much manufactured, all around considered discourse, was KEY to the Civil Rights Movement. From Kings various harmony strolls, lastly the â€Å"I Have a Dream† discourse, offered path to another America, one where one isn’t decided by the shade of their skin or the economic wellbeing of their being, however of their character, and what their ethics are. I leave you with one last statement from probably the best speaker, â€Å"Free finally, Free finally, Oh master we are free finally. †

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The Dos and Dont of College Essays

The Dos and Don't of College EssaysDetermining the dos and don'ts of college essays is not an easy task. Although there are some general dos and don'ts, you will be expected to work them into your essay on your own accord.The dos and don't of college essays are: spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and using proper spellings, but most importantly in all of these areas, be clear, concise, accurate, and follow a structured format. Some examples of dos and don'ts include the following:o Being clear and concise is very important when writing an essay. Many times it can be frustrating when writing an essay and you just do not have a clue about what the author is trying to get across. So make sure that when you sit down to write an essay, that you make sure you know the whole story and that you are only writing what is on the paper.o As far as spelling goes, it is something that is obviously a part of writing an essay and one that you should be prepared to practice. The best way to learn how to spell correctly is to spend some time practicing. The more you practice, the better you will become and the more confidence you will have in yourself.o Writing a great sentence structure is also very important. Make sure that the first paragraph in your essay focuses on the central idea or point that you want to get across, and then build on that to bring it all together in the last paragraph. Always be consistent in this step.o In the Dos and Don'ts of College Essays, the last thing that we are going to address is punctuation. Punctuation is often times a problem when writing a college essay. Punctuation and style can be a real pain, so I recommend that if you have a habit of writing a lot that you spend some time practicing punctuation and making sure that you correct it before you submit it.If you have been doing some research online and you are still stuck with a bad punctuation or a badly formatted essay, then you might want to try reading some of the advic e and tips from some of the better students out there that you can find on some of the top websites online. They can teach you how to properly use punctuation correctly, how to properly format a paper, and many other things. Good quality writing is definitely hard to come by, so if you would like to learn how to become a great writer, then maybe taking some of these tips and learning them can help you get over your writing problems.It is very important to realize that the dos and don'ts of college essays are very similar to what is found in high school and even in middle school. Just keep in mind that in this day and age, it is very easy to know what to do and not to do when it comes to writing. So take the time to study up on the dos and don'ts of college essays, and you will be able to complete your college essays correctly.

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Equine Nutrition - 3164 Words

Equine Nutrition The digestive system of the horse consists of a simple stomach, small intestines, cecum, large and small colons, rectum and anus. The horse s stomach is comparatively small for its size. The stomach of an average horse has a holding capacity of about two gallons. This may be the reason horses eat small but frequent meals. From the stomach food moves to the small intestine, which is the main site of digestion. The small intestine empties into the cecum. The cecum; along with the large colon; make up the large intestine. Digestion in the large intestine occurs by action of bacteria and protozoa. ( The energy content found in feeds and how it is measured in Kilocalories (kcal). ( which is also†¦show more content†¦Adults need calcium and phosphorous to maintain cell function and bone mineral. ( Micro-minerals or trace-minerals required by horses include Iodine, Copper, Zinc, manganese and selenium. Horses use Iodine for fetal development and to regulate metabolism. inadequate iodine intake in pregnancy can cause serious fetal abnormalities. Foals may be born weak, may not suckle or stand. Thyroid glands can be enlarged (goiter) or normal. Rarely, foals are born hairless or may have ruptured extensor tendons and swollen joints. Iodine deficient newborns may be more prone to infections. Iodine deficient mares may or may not have goiter, a longer gestation and retained placentas. Iodine deficiency can be prevented by feeding iodized salt. Goiter is also a sign of too much iodine or iodine toxicity. ( Copper has been promoted as a bone disease preventative as horses use copper in bone, cartilage, and pigment formation. Lack of iron can cause anemia but is maor likely to arise from blood loss due to internal parasites. Iron dextran used to treat baby pig anemia must not be given to horses since fatal, allergic reactions can occur. ( Conditions such as muscle pain or skin irritation were associated with low serum levels of selenium or zinc. (Wichert et al.) Deficiencies may cause hair loss and poor wound healing. Low intakes of selenium cause white muscle disease. Foals are born weak and may not be ableShow MoreRelatedDiet And Management Of Horses : Equine Metabolic Syndrome ( Ems )1862 Words   |  8 Pages A topic that interests me in relation to the overall health, diet and management of horses is Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) also known as Insulin Resistance in horses. EMS is insensitivity to insulin created by stored glucose in the horse’s body. The Equine nutrition course has raised my understanding of how the current feeds and forage we utilize for the modern equine can place our horses at risk for developing EMS. This risk can be lowered and possibly avoided with proper dietaryRead MoreSelecting Stallions for Breeding713 Words   |  3 PagesJ 1971;47:610 Barry A. B (2008) Diagnostic Methods for Evaluation of Stallion Subfertility: A Review,Journal of Equine Veterinary Science - J EQUINE VET SCI 01/2008; 28(11):650-665. Budras K-D, Sack WO, Rock S: Anatomy of the Horse, An Illustrated Text, ed 2, Philadelphia, 1994, Mosby-Wolfe. Cymbaluk, N.F., G.I. Christison. 1990. Environmental effects on thermoregulation and nutrition of horses. Vet. Clin. N. Am. Eq. Prac. 6:355-372 Dolvik ,N I G. Klemetsdal Conformation Traits of Norwegian Cold-bloodedRead MoreFinal Report Chanel Lawrence CMN 279-201 Dianne Nubla November1500 Words   |  6 Pagesresponsible for the medical and surgical treatment of a range of animals, including domestic, zoo and farm animals. They also work to prevent disease in animals and the spread of disease. Veterinarians combine their knowledge of animal physiology, nutrition and medicine with practical skills to diagnose illnesses, prescribe medicines and perform surgery. They also manage anesthesia during procedures. (Veterinary surgeon: Job description, n.d) Typical tasks include: †¢ Handling, examining and treatingRead MoreEssay on Foaling Report2513 Words   |  11 Pagesgestation length of a mare is in between 335 and 340 days. This leaves little time in the year to successfully rebreed a mare after foaling. Because of this, there needs to be considerable time taken to effectively care for the pregnant or open mare. Nutrition is an early factor in the gestation of the mare, this is then followed by the necessary vaccinations and deworming programs that should be routinely scheduled. The preparations of the stall and the mare are easy to ready for foaling, most can beRead MorePREPARING YOUR HORSE FOR SHOW DAY Essay1180 Words   |  5 Pagesadditional supplements unless the owner knows that he or she is suffering from a deficiency. The show horse should be well conditioned but not carry too much extra fat (Boyes). The amount of grain given to the horse depends on its weight. Proper nutrition gives the horse a shiny coat. Clean water should be avail able at all times. A mature horse may drink twelve gallons of water a day (North Dakota State University). The horse requires grooming and training, in order to be prepared for show dayRead MoreThe Effects Of Drugs On Horse Racing Essay2044 Words   |  9 Pageslungs are prone to rupture ( Lasix is said to reduce the severity of EIPH and the incidence of epistaxis (bleeding through the nose). Therefore, in terms of equine welfare it has considerable benefits with trainers, who use the drug to help alleviate the problem. An example of this is with the 1964 winner of the Kentucky Derby, Northern Dancer, who was given Lasix before his record breaking performance. HoweverRead MoreI Am A City Girl At Heart923 Words   |  4 Pagesagricultural education courses, which consisted of learning about the industry that feeds, clothes, and fuels us every day, with lessons over pet care and livestock husbandry, to other things such as asexual plant propagation, electrical wiring, and nutrition. These courses sparked my interest in the sixth grade, continuing through middle school, high school, and lasting today into college, where I am currently studying to obtain a degree related to it to establish a successful career in the field uponRead MoreWhat Should Be Expected When A Mare Is Pregnant With Twin Foals?2504 Words   |  11 Pagesfor a mare to carry just a single foal. Mina Morel, a registered animal scientist, states that, â€Å"the mare is classified as monocotous, her uterus only being able to adequately support a singleton.† However, that is not always the case. The Goulburn Equine Valley Hospital says that horse twins are actually, â⠂¬Å"associated with a double ovulation† (Ultrasound). This is one of the main leading causes of twin foals. Patrick McCue, a doctor of veterinary medicine, states that twins can also occur in two differentRead MoreEssay about Placental Ruminants and Herbivorous Marsupials of Australia3561 Words   |  15 Pageshas many advantages over hindgut fermentation, which is seen in marsupials such as the koalas and wombats. The anatomy and physiology of the digestive tracts of both types of fermenters, however, are uniquely suited to their individual modes of nutrition. It can be suggested that the foregut fermenters of the marsupials are very similar to the eutherian ruminants, as both types of adaptations are designed to increase fiber digestibility and increase nutrient absorption. However, there areRead MorePediatric Nursing Study Guide -- Covering Communicable Diseases/ Blood Disorders/Childhood Cancers/Integumentary5211 Words   |  21 Pagescough with or without previous signs listed; potential airway obstruction, apprehensive, dyspneic retractions, cyanosis * Therapeutic Management * Equine antitoxin (usually IV) preceded by skin or conjunctival test to rule out sensitivity to horse serum * Antibiotics (penicillin G procaine or erythromycin) in addition to equine antitoxin * Complete bed rest (prevention of myocarditis) * Tracheostomy for airway obstruction * Tx of infected contacts and carriers

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The Tragedy That Was 9/11 - 1677 Words

An event that sent the United States into emotional and economical distress, the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001 opened the eyes of Americans to the threat of terrorism. As the world watched, three planes were flown into each of the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. The unexpected attack stunned americans everywhere and sent them into a feeling of confusion and want for those responsible to be punished. After investigation, it was discovered that those responsible were members of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden (History). The terrorists did these horrific attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon out of hatred of America. The fact that the attacks were done for essentially no†¦show more content†¦Along with bettering airport security, to calm to fear of the American public The Department of Homeland Security was made. Eleven days after the terrorist attacks the Government created the Department of Homeland Securi ty (DHS). The department oversees and coordinates the governments strategy to guard the country against terrorists and respond to any attacks in the future (Homeland). The Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge was appointed the first Director of the Department of Homeland Security. Since the creation of the Department, America is much better equipped to handle the great deal of terrorist threats we face. Even with the creation of the DHS, it was clear that some sort of repercussions needed to be dealt to those responsible, which came when President George W. Bush declared a war on terror. Although the immediate effects of the attacks on September 11, 2001 made it a very traumatic event, the thing that makes it the most traumatic is the disastrous long term effects that resulted from it. On September 20, 2001 President George W. Bush addressed the nation on that matter as he told them the demands the had of al-Qaeda in order to avoid war. These demands included releasing all unfair ly imprisoned Americans and the shutting down of all terrorist-linked organizations. If al-Qaeda did not act immediately than the United States would engage in a full out war on terror (Bush). They did not comply with the governments demands, so as promised,Show MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Immigration On The United States1692 Words   |  7 PagesSeptember 11, 2001, the tragedy in the USA shocked the whole world. It was the message to the US government that something had been wrong with national security. At the beginning of the 21st century, we are facing a problem called terrorism which is too close with the clash of civilizations. Afterwards, the bitterest enemy was Al-Qaeda, Islamic terror group. On September 11, an attack included three main targets – the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House, and the last one was failedRead MoreRemembering 9/11 through the Lens of Hollywood: A Detailed Analysis1240 Words   |  5 PagesFrom the PATRIOT Act of 2001 that was signed into law by the formal President George W. Bush, to the flags that fluttered in the front yard of every American’s house, the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 brought the whole nation together for a single goal of fighting back terrorism and getting through the test that America was put to. Everybody’s loyalty is getting tested since then towards the United States, and one cannot put aside Hollywood. Its reaction through the movies contributed theRead MoreThe Effects Of Hysteria On The World Trade Center Essay1148 Words   |  5 PagesOn September 11th, 2001 tragedy struck, when two planes flew into the World Trade Center, a plane crashed into the Pentagon, and a plane t hat crashed down in Pennsylvania. These horrific acts of terrorism changed America into what it is today. It changed the way people thought about others and how equal the American people really are. The United States was in a panic and was ready to accuse others immediately. The Crucible showed us that a shocking, confusing event can make people almost go insaneRead MoreThe Effects Of The Tragedy Of 2001939 Words   |  4 Pages The Effects of the Tragedy of 2001 When the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001 it affected thousands of people all over America. Death, screams, and smoke filled the air leaving people heartbroken, injured, and forever changed. The public health of people around the world was challenged by this traumatic event. All of the death tolls, injuries, and respiratory problems flooded screens everywhere. This tragedy occurred on the brink of the technology advance and will be forever ingrained intoRead MoreMy Experience At The Twin Towers Essay1098 Words   |  5 Pagesmemory like it was yesterday. I was 3 years old at the time and I just got back from a walk with my mom. When all of a sudden her friend came banging on the door. When my mom opened the door her friend just kept repeating â€Å"turn on the TV! The twin towers are falling.† Us 3 sat there in devastation and just watched the towers fall. c. Introduce topic: d. Credibility statement: I have lived in New York my whole life. I live approximately 35 minutes from ground zero. My Grandfather was a helping handRead MoreWhat Happened in September 11th, 2001 Essay889 Words   |  4 Pagesinnocent people died because of a terrible tragedy that happened on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City. To many people it probably just looked like another regular work day, but didn’t expect the worst that day. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City (†11 facts about 9/11†). September 11 was one of the saddest days in history. September 11, 2001 was the day that changed the world, and affectedRead MoreDead of September 11th Analytical Essay1392 Words   |  6 PagesAnalyse The Dead of September 11 The Dead of September 11 is deep poem that provokes many feelings and thoughts. There are many topics that are rather easy to delve in to. Throughout this essay, three of these literary techniques will be addressed and â€Å"delved into†, so to speak. These techniques are: diction, figurative language and tone. Throughout the following essay several large ideas and the theme of this poem will also be addressed, including but not limited to the universality of the poemRead MoreThe On The Twin Towers1634 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the most photographed, videoed and telecast events in human history(QUOTE), the attacks of September 11 (9/11/2001) on the Twin Towers, provide a case study for the power of an image, in this case, an image of disaster. Images are defined as a â€Å"visual impression† (QUOTE) something that captures the essence of a moment. With reference to images of disaster, these photographs aim to capture the grief, the loss and the immeasurable sufferin g of those involved. So what, it may be asked, is theRead MoreContemporary Ethics933 Words   |  4 Pagesour nations security was severely attacked. To be able to understand more clearly the challenges of our intelligence agencies having stronger capabilities, it is important to note that many of today’s issues are well grounded in the past and we can find many examples of this in history books today. One great example is when the United States transitioned from just focusing solely on our nation to a more global view as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Also, Sputnik was a huge reason for theRead MoreVincent Chin and Post-9/11 Victims: Travesty of Justice1514 Words   |  6 PagesVincent Chin and Post-9/11 Victims: Travesty of Justice and What Should We Do about It America is a country of immigrants, as a popular saying goes. But the history of America is also full of intolerance and hatred for immigrants who have otherwise constituted an integral part of the American society. When it comes to minority groups in America, different standards apply to public consciousness and the law. Many Americans sometimes see members of minority groups as less than human. The intolerance

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Essay on Gangs of New York - 905 Words

Gangs of New York: Who’s A True American? â€Å"You can hire half the poor to kill the other half.† Boss Tweed spoke these words in reference to the Draft Riots. It shows that you can easily turn the poor against each other, if you bring money into the situation. Gangs of New York is about the separation of the Irish and the Natives, which eventually led into larger conflicts. In this film there are two important characters, Amsterdam Vallon and Boyle McGloin, who were both Irishmen in the Five Points. Amsterdam was the son of Priest Vallon and he became a positive Irish Leader who was looked up to by many. Boyle McGloin was an Irishmen who was a Dead Rabbit, but later joined Bill â€Å"The Butcher† Cutting and became a â€Å"Native†. The character†¦show more content†¦The average Irishmen thought that since blacks were seen as equal, they were their competition, so they were against blacks. They also didn’t like the blacks because that’s why most Irishmen were being drafted for t he war (to abolish slavery). Amsterdam didn’t act that way because he didn’t discriminate, and had didn’t go against his Catholic/Irish beliefs. In Ireland in 1842 many signed a petition that declared â€Å"Irishmen and Irishwomen! Treat the colored people as your equal, as brethren.† That was what he seemed to believe. Boyle McGloin believed that a true American is defined as white and didn’t associate with â€Å"Blacks†. In the movie McGloin showed those traits, because throughout the movie he was very racist, a traitor, and willing to die for the Natives (and not his own people). In the movie, when Priest Vallon died he instantly switched to the Natives because he could pass for one of them, and he knew the Irish would be outnumbered. He also went against the Irish as if they weren’t part of him, just to be considered a Native and hang with Bill. In one scene, he was in the church praying and he saw a Black man with Amsterdam, his response was â€Å"No niggers among the Natives. Niggers as robbers are one thing, but niggers in a church that’s something else.† McGloin was very racist toward any colored person regarding the fact that they weren’t â€Å"white†, and he felt they were theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Gangs of New York1544 Words   |  7 PagesAmsterdam’s story takes place in Five Points District of New York, a filthy and dangerous part of the city before it was deleted form history. As a young boy Vallan witnessed his father’s murder at the hand of William Cutting or Bill the Butcher (Day-Lewis) during one of their many gang wars. As Amsterdam’s story progresses along side The Butcher they become inseparable, but Amsterdam had ulterior motive. Ultimately, Amsterdam attempts to betray his new found ally in order to avenge his father’s death.Read MoreGangs of New York by Herbert Asbury Essay3497 Words   |  14 PagesTHE GANGS OF NEW YORK, writ ten by Herbert Asbury, was used as the basis for the movie GANGS of NEW YORK, a gangster film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio. Filmed in Rome, Gangs covers a period of New York Citys history, from the 1840s through to the bloody Draft Riots of 1863, at a time when graft and corruption permeated every level of government including the police department. The movies main plot revolves around revenge and the feuding betweenRead MoreGangs of New York, an Example of Naturalism Essay839 Words   |  4 PagesIn the beginning, it seems unlikely that Gangs of New York will be an example of naturalism. Unlike To Build a Fire or Open Boat, the whole story of Gangs of New York happens in a civilized area, and nobody is in a case of danger because of the nature. Naturalism is implicit in this article. But being implicit does not mean it is ineffective. Instead, the idea of naturalism within this article is more confound than other two stories we studied before. The very first scene, a cave is hidden underneathRead More Gangs of New York History vs. Hollywood Essay1120 Words   |  5 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The movie begins in New York, in 1843, with a gang fight. Bill â€Å"the butcher† Cutting’s gang of â€Å"nativists† have challenged the â€Å"dead rabbits† (a gang of mostly Irish immigrants) to a fight to settle once and for all who is the most powerful gang in the area. After an intense battle the â€Å"nativists† win by killing the leader of the â€Å"dead rabbits†, also Amsterdam’s (the main character’s) father. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Amsterdam is then led into an orphanage whereRead MoreGangs of New York Essay697 Words   |  3 PagesGangs of New York: A Cultural Shift Jeremiah Harrity SOCI220 American Popular Culture Dr. Nancy Wack April 13, 2013 Gangs of New York: A Cultural Shift In the movie â€Å"Gangs of New York†, we see a city changed and reshaped through cultural influence of feuding individuals with different ideas. The movie is about a young man, Amsterdam Vance, who seeks to avenge his father, who was brutally murder in a gang dispute, against his adversary Bill the Butcher. On the surface the movie seemsRead MoreThe Film Gangs Of New York1726 Words   |  7 PagesThe film Gangs of New York, highlighted the facets of many different gangs; the most important being the Natives and the Dead Rabbits. Both gangs vied for power over the region called the Five Points during the Civil War time period. Within the film there were many different examples of social stratification like class privilege, status, and power. The examples of stratification were shown by both gangs and the individuals that the gangs were compromised of. The purpose of this paper is to analyzeRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Gangs Of New York 1352 Words   |  6 PagesP ositive Criticism - Warping you into Manhattan’s Five Points, an area in New York City upon which seemed as a place with no law during the mid-19th century. The drama film directed by Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York, provides us an account of the anarchy that occurred; following the life of a man named Amsterdam, the son of a popular Irish-American leader, Priest Valon. Supported by the extraordinary acting performances by Daniel Day-Lewis (aka Bill the Butcher)Read MoreGangs of New York History vs. Hollywood1164 Words   |  5 PagesThe movie begins in New York, in 1843, with a gang fight. Bill the butcher Cuttings gang of nativists have challenged the dead rabbits (a gang of mostly Irish immigrants) to a fight to settle once and for all who is the most powerful gang in the area. After an intense battle the nativists win by killing the leader of the dead rabbits, also Amsterdams (the main characters) father. Amsterdam is then led into an orphanage where he grows to be a man, all while Bill Cutting runs the FiveRead MoreVersions of the Gangs of New York: A Comparative Analysis965 Words   |  4 Pagesthe name of creative license. This is undoubtedly true in the case of journalist Herbert Asburys The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld, a seminal piece of investigative reporting weaved with lyrically lurid prose describing the debauchery, squalor and institutionalized barbarism of the era. Published in 1928, Asburys chronicle of the gangster culture spawned during New York Citys turbulent adolescence became a cult classic, one which eventually inspired famed American filmRead More The Western as Commentary about Decaying Values Essay3542 Words   |  15 Pagescontributed largely to reducing their state of mind to one of fear. Similar elements created strife for the protagonists in Ron Howard’s 2003 film The Missing. The film is a captivity narrative in whic h Maggie, a doctor who lives with her family in New Mexico in 1885, finds her lover killed and her eldest daughter taken captive by a band of Apache. At first scornful of her estranged father’s return to their home after several years of living among Chiricahua, she reluctantly asks his help to retrieve

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Polemics On Veiling Egyptian Women In The Twentiet Essay Example For Students

Polemics On Veiling Egyptian Women In The Twentiet Essay h CenturyIntroduction.. so much energy has been expended by Muslim menand then Muslim women to remove the veil and byothers to affirm or restore it .. (Ahmed 167). This paper explores these efforts in two specific stages: the first and the lastthirds of the twentieth century. Through an analysis of some of the variousarguments on the veil, I will try to induce some general characteristics of thedebate on the issue and on women during these two specific periods of time. The starting point will be Kasim Amins Tahrir el Maraa (Liberation ofWoman) and the counter argument of Talat Harbs Tarbiet el Maraa walHijab, (Educating Women and the Veil). The debate between those twoprotagonists which has become a prototype of the debate on the veilthroughout the century (Ahmed P. 164). Malak Hefni Nassifs and HodaShaarawis attitudes towards the veil represent an interesting insight to twodifferent interpretations of the hijab issue by feminist activists that prevailthroughout the century. The whole synthesis of this early debate is then putin juxtaposition to the debate later in the century as represented by theavalanche of literature on the topic in the seventies, the views of somefamous sheikhs like Mohammed Metwally el Shaarawi and others, and theheated debate initiated by the Minister of Educations decree of 1994 toprevent school administrations from imposing the hijab on girls as part of theuniform. The Early DebateKasim Amins Tahrir El-Maraa (Published 189 9)It may not be an exaggeration to say that Amins Tahrir al-Maraa was oneof the most controversial book in Egypts modern history. It has ignited astrong debate and prompted more than thirty reaction articles and bookseither to defy or assert his argument against the veil (Ahmed P. 164). The ideas of the book were not totally new, they echoed the writings of somewriters like Mariam al-Nahhas (1856-1888), Zaynab Fawwaz (1860-1914),Aisha al-Taymuriah (1840-1902), and Murqus Fahmis (a Coptic lawyer)four act play Al Marah fi al-Sharq or (The Woman in the East) (Badran P. 19). Yet, Amins book double-scored for coming from a Muslim judge andfor his overt proposal to unveiling womens faces. His words were not theonly challenge to the existing notions of the hijab, it was his caliber as aMoslim judge that has vocalized his call to unveil women and gave his bookimportance. After an introduction loaded with emotional phrases on the degradation of theEgyptian woman and an exaltation of the European woman, the book isdivided into four sections: Educating women, Womens veil, Thewoman and the nation, and Marriage and divorce. Amin starts his argument calling for the Hijab Sharaei stating that theHijab in its form then (covering the face, the hair and the whole body) wasnot mandated by the Shariaa. He further adds that he was not calling for theextreme of the West which makes the woman liable to seduction (AminP. 65). The argument against the veil is in two sections: The religious sectionwhich is mainly text interpretation and some Hadith that prompt women tocover the hair and the whole body except for the hands and the face; and thesocial (practical / everyday life) perspective. The later section includessocial ideas such as the inconvenience for women with their faces coveredto dwell in business, to testify in courts or to get engaged (as the groomshould s ee her face first). Furthermore, he argues that unveiling would makewomen watch their behaviors as they could be recognized and hence theirreputation would be at stake if they did any wrong. Still, from the practicalsocial point of view, the flimsy bourqo (face cover) used was moretempting as it makes the viewer curious to see what was intended to behidden. He further argues that, if women are imprisoned in the hareem (partof the house where women are secluded), then even if they did not commitany shameful act, it would not be due to any virtue in them, but to the factthat they did not have the freedom to do otherwise. Amin accuses the veil of being a barrier to womens development andeducation (P. 85), arguing that it deprived her from interacting with thesociety and learning how to live. He illustrates by comparing the ignorantpeasant with the elite urban lady who can speak French and plays the piano,and concludes that the ignorat peasant would be